Ch. 1: Introduction

Since us mortal human beings have been we have always questioned the secret to eternal life.  How do we live forever?  How do we transcend into infinite beings among the gods? Depending on the religion that you are or the deity that you worship, the definition of divinity may differ greatly.  It makes me question what god might be the most god-like.  If the characteristics of a god depend on the god itself, which are the characteristics that match the one true God or almighty if you will.  If I knew which god was the most high, then that would be the god I would try to be like.  If this being knows the secret to living forever, then if I act as they do shouldn’t I live forever also?  You would think that with everything we know we would have this figured out by now.  Maybe it is just a well-kept secret.

So which god is the right god?  Or I guess I should say the most right god.  Many gods have exemplified character traits that transcend just about every human characteristic.  In both monotheistic and polytheistic religions, there have been gods of eternal compassion, love, justice, forgiveness, wisdom and grace.  There have also been gods associated with supernatural powers in regards to anything from controlling the position of the stars and planets to blowing the winds and bringing thunder when necessary.  All gods have been praised or worshiped at some point during history for their certain character traits.  When I think of the God of all gods, I do not associate anything supernatural or even natural with them.  Natural or even supernatural powers are something that mere mortals may be able to possess one day.  Who’s to say that we won’t be able to control or manipulate the climate here on Earth or terraform a new planet to support human life one day?  Having these powers or characteristics during a different time, especially in the distant past, would categorize you as a god.  However, I believe that God’s powers would not change with time or time change them.  Space, time, and every visible thing on this planet are quantifiable in some way.  I believe that the almighty is only concerned with the eternal world as opposed to the physical world.  God’s existence is their belief and their belief their existence.  Therefore, God must believe in things that last forever in order for their existence to last forever.  So what godly characteristics last forever?

The last contact we have had with somebody who associated themselves with God was Jesus Christ.  What you believe Jesus to be or what he did is up to your interpretation.  I know I have my discrepancies with some things that are written in the Bible, but I do encourage you to at least read the New Testament to see what the Son of Man was about.  The books of Isaiah, Romans, and Revelation highlight the Seven Spirits of God.  In Romans, the seven graces reflect the seven spirits of God and these graces are 1) insight (prophecy), 2) helpfulness (service or ministry), 3) instruction (teaching), 4) encouragement, 5) generosity (giving), 6) guidance (leadership) and 7) compassion.  When you apply these characteristics to a normal human being it makes you realize that God would just be a really good person.  The root of these characteristics can be found in Jesus’ teachings.  In Mark, Jesus speaks of the two greatest commandments of all.  The first is, ‘The Lord our God is the one and only God, and you must love him with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.’  The second is, ‘You must love your neighbor (others) as much as you love yourself.’  Essentially, God sounds like an infinite being of love, and the seven graces that possess him are granted to him through his belief in love.  This belief in love is what makes God, God.  Love is love is love no matter what time it exists in and in order to achieve divinity we must become beings of love.

I know this makes you wonder If God loves all of us so much why are things so bad?  Why can’t he ease some of my pain or make bad things go away?  While I do believe that my God is a god of infinite love, I also believe that sometimes he works through us human beings.  He has a plan for us all and while we may feel that we are not always in the right situation if we hold onto what he believes in, I believe that we are always in the right situation.  I encourage you to act as if you were God and to try to change your immediate environment only.  You can only control yourself and your actions, so let those speak and watch the world around you change.  If everybody on the planet did this we would probably be in a different situation.  If everybody on the planet did this we would probably see God’s plan in action.

Most of my entries will deal more about how we think rather than our actions and what I believe God to be.  The purpose for you and I attempting to achieve divinity is not to secure a spot in heaven, but rather to make Earth a place that closely resembles heaven.  So don’t think I should be better so that I can be okay with God.  Think I want to be better so that I can make the world a better place.  The world does not make it easy for beings of love and compassion so be warned but not discouraged.  Pay attention to what you see in the news and media and even with encounters with friends and family.  Always question if people are acting out of love.  A lot of what is fed to our minds nowadays has either nothing to do with love or twists love and makes it something that it is not.  Think every day that everybody you encounter is yourself and realize that you wouldn’t harm yourself mentally, physically, or spiritually ever.  Lift yourself and others up every day and eventually, we will all be able to transcend into a dimension few humans have seen before us.


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