Infinite Potential

Raised in a world where power is measured by something that won’t last,

Raised to think if you won’t they’ll make up for what you lack,

Raised in a world where it does matter if you’re white or black,

Praised in this world if you bust caps,

Praised in this world if you run traps,

Praised in this world if you got the winning team on your snapback,

It’s time to bring love back,

People want the answer to eternal life,

Been right in front of your eyes the whole time,

To be with God you have to try to be like God,

Funny because nowadays that seems kind of odd,

Like no don’t be different don’t be special,

If you have talent they’ll hate on that too,

So tell me what is love to you,

I’m still trying to discover what it means,

Trying to wipe away all the worldly things,

Trying to convince my girlfriend that she doesn’t need a ring,

Maybe just me and her and a couple people to sing,

But I’m only a man and think she deserves to be celebrated,

Actually it’s more about the love that I want to be celebrating,

And that’s stuff I want to see everywhere,

That’s God and he is infinite and everywhere,

But the Devil too, is infinite and everywhere,

So if you make the wrong decisions definitely beware,

That’s a guy that’ll do you without a dare,

Leave you in a ditch dead with no care,

Trust me he’s out there,

Oh yeah the topic, Infinite Potential,

Love needs to come back but we need a new stencil,

We need to realize we have our minds and each other,

Need to encourage and stop killing each other,

The right people need to be looked up to,

People like when you meet somebody and think,

“Yeah he was a nice dude”

“He wasn’t in a bad mood”

He just wanted to do nice things and help the world,

You have to realize it’s about the future, about the boys and girls,

Kids are the future and gushing with love,

They’re in the now, no below or above,

No racism, no hatred, inherently equal,

Nothing’s messed up for them because they haven’t seen the sequel,

Parents and adults go love your kids,

Just know that it’s not concrete like this,

You and it are constantly growing and changing,

We have to love so much that there’s no hatred remaining,

It’s time to get going times are changing,

Man has conquered the world yeah we know that,

We have to love each other to make sure we keep that,

Or we’ll look up to the sky and it’ll be black,

Oh now I got your attention, you see that,

Want infinite potential here on earth?

Just be careful where you search,

Angel and demons are everywhere and constantly shifting,

Angels are amazing and they’ll never stop gifting,

Demons are cruel and they’ll never stop ditching,

Leaving you when you need them most,

So please listen, pay attention to the toast,

People out there are hungry and have nothing over their toes,

Just be careful because if you want this or those,

You have to be on the right team,

You have to know that it’s not a scheme,

You have to know how to not be mean,

Have to know that love is above all else,

A day where we don’t complain about the weather,

Never check the weather I can’t control that,

But I can control this and see it is love that we lack,

Love is the answer and it’s time to bring infinite potential back.


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