Day after day, we all slave,

Just to get the paycheck to see what we made,

Oh yeah, kind of similar to last time,

For every dollar that we make they take two dimes,

I remember, being a kid,

I’d look back, and think what I did,

I’d look back, and think I’m the shit,

Gimme the bat, so I can just hit,

Or gimme the rock and I’ll make the shot,

I know what I’m worth; I know what I’ve got,

They say it’s a little, I say it’s a lot,

Matter of fact, I know that it’s infinite,

But right here, is where I sit,

Placed at a desk, with all the rest,

With every day, no different than the next,

They tell you, stay in school go to college,

The education system is the key to knowledge,

You want to be wealthy, you must have power,

To acquire power, you must gain knowledge,

Now go get up, go take a shower,

If you feel tired, here’s some caffeine,

People at desks are lightweight crack fiends,

Go venture out; go see what it all means,

One day, you get your degree,

Your vision; as far as the eye can see,

You say, “Yeah I’m ready, this is the new me.”

So, you present your resume,

They say, “Great, can you start today?”

You’re elated,

All the hard work has paid off,

You’re eager and ready to learn,

You’re in a good spot and don’t care what you earn,

So you go, go, go and go,

But one day you wonder what does it show,

You think about the future and what’s in store,

And realize, you’ve always wanted more,

The job you have selected has minimized your worth,

I must say, I am overworked.


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