Your God

Your god is what you praise.  Your god is what you raise.  Your god is what you lift.

Your god can amaze.  Your god can be a craze.  Your god can be a gift.

Your god can give you hope.  Your god can bring you peace.  Your god can help you be.

Your god can make it snow.  Your god can plant you trees.  Your god can help you see.

What do you hold the highest?  Who is your god?  What have they done for you?

Putting specifics aside, as in this is my god and this is mine.  Let’s think about what our gods have given to us as gifts over time.  Have they given you knowledge and wisdom?  If so, information about what and what sort of experience?  Have they told you how to treat yourselves and others?  What is usually the needed treatment?  Have they brought you somewhere new or made you feel refreshed?  Did it feel like home, a new nest?  Have they given you their life?  Have they given you their flesh?  Tell me of your god and what they have done for you.  It can be one, or two, or more.  Many have done for us all and I doubt any of them would want to see us fall.  So share your god with every one you can, so that one day we’ll be able to say that “your god, your god, and your god” is “our god.”


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