Blanket Statement

A blanket statement for us all.  I love us all.  I wish we could all be contained in a ball, and, just stand, and look eye to eye and realize that the soul cannot even be limited to a year of light.  That we wouldn’t fight, push or try to bring down somebody else’s light.  After standing up for ourselves, we would lay down together.  Then we can all be wrapped in the same blanket and admitting that really, we have all been hurt, get every one of our needs served.  We can all be wrapped in this warm blanket of love, and know that everyone is neither below or above.  After this, we can be unwrapped and presented anew and know that there would be only one thing to do.  To look at each other and realize that we are all just one another.  In a ball or on a ball, this is something I wish for us all.



3 thoughts on “Blanket Statement

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